Wikimedia Foundation launches a free English course for beginners


In recent years, it has been demonstrated that English proficiency has become an invaluable skill.

Not only does it provide global job opportunities, but it also facilitates connection and understanding with people from different cultures and countries in an international context.

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Furthermore, English grants you access to a wealth of educational and cultural resources, allowing you to make the most out of your travel experiences.

The Wikimedia English Course with Photos: Learn effectively and enjoyably

The Wikimedia Foundation, renowned for its commitment to free and accessible education for all, has launched an innovative online course for learning English: the English Course with Photos.

This free course is specially designed for beginner students who wish to effectively acquire a basic vocabulary.

What makes this course unique?

It employs a technique of meaning assimilation through drawings and photographs, making it more engaging and easy to learn.


The mnemonic connection developed with the aid of images is quick and effective, enhancing the retention of learned words and their application in appropriate contexts.

In the English Course with Photos, available on the virtual educational platform Wikiversity, you can explore a wide variety of topics.

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From recognizing colors to describing rooms and furniture, learning food products, identifying fruits at the market, becoming familiar with parts of the human body, discovering objects in a classroom, getting acquainted with the city and transportation, to learning about farm animals, wildlife, and adjectives.

The best part is that no prior knowledge of English is required to take this course. You only need a computer with a stable internet connection to access all the online content.

Are you ready to embark on your learning journey?

Access the English Course with Photos right now and discover a world of possibilities! Click the button to start your linguistic adventure.


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