Business Excel: 100% Free Course to Exploit All Its Functions


Excel is a powerful and versatile tool that allows for effective organization and analysis of data, with applications in both personal and professional settings.

The Austral University is offering a free online course aimed at developing skills in using Excel for business and enterprises.

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The course will help you learn how to input and organize information, perform calculations, draw conclusions, create graphs, and print reports—essential skills in the world of business and finance.

It is open to a wide audience, including teachers, students, professionals, and entrepreneurs, with no need for prior knowledge.


The program consists of 8 modules that cover basic Excel functions to advanced data and cell management.

Topics include: introduction and application setup, spreadsheet handling, data copying and movement, information analysis, use of formulas and functions, graph creation, report printing, and advanced cell management techniques.

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The instructors have extensive professional experience in Excel usage, providing a practical insight into the tool and its real-world applications for businesses.

Registration is open on the Austral University’s website through this link.


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