Google launches a free cybersecurity certification course


Cybersecurity is a topic of great relevance nowadays as it involves the protection of systems and data against cyber risks and attacks.

These can affect both companies and individual users, so it is necessary to have knowledge and skills to prevent and face them.

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With this objective in mind, Google has launched a free online cybersecurity course with certification, which offers comprehensive and practical training in this discipline.

The course consists of four main modules that address fundamental aspects of cybersecurity, such as network and computer system protection, identity and access management, data encryption, information security, threat monitoring and detection, as well as response and recovery to security incidents.

Each module includes assessments at the end, allowing participants to check their level of learning and mastery of the content.

The course is designed for all types of audiences, from beginners to cybersecurity experts.


Participants can take the course at their own pace and have access to video tutorials that clearly explain key concepts. To access the course, you only need to have a Google account and register on the platform.

Additionally, the course offers the possibility of obtaining a certification upon successful completion. The certification is an official recognition of the level of cybersecurity competence acquired by the participants, which can be useful for improving their job or professional opportunities in this field.

The course is a unique opportunity to train in an increasingly demanded and necessary discipline in the digital world.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to access this free cybersecurity course and obtain a recognized certification. Protect your systems and data, increase your knowledge about cyber risks, and enhance your cybersecurity skills.

To access the course, simply follow this link and register with your Google account. Take advantage of this valuable opportunity offered by Google and strengthen your career in the field of cybersecurity.

Access the course using the following button:


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  1. It seems the content is in Spanish so am unable to go through the registration. Can I get a in English.

    • Is there a way we can get access to the English content.

  2. A leading step towards qaulity education and protection of PCs data and individuals.
    Stay blessed…

  3. Dear Course provider,

    This is my immense pleasure to write you. This is really a nice initiative to arrange a cyber security course.

    Pls confirm this course is available in English as well.

    Nasir Ahmed

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