Python: How to Get a Free IBM Certification?


Many people aspire to learn programming, but questions often arise: Which programming language should I learn? Where can I learn programming for free? Should I pay for a certification?

For beginners, Python is the right choice as it offers versatility and ease of learning that no other programming language provides. But that’s not all; its developer community is so vast that there is an extensive library of documentation and libraries for various areas of development.

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Leading technology giants like Google utilize Python in their technological developments. These trends are reflected in the growing demand for Python programmers in the job market.

Free Python Programming Course by IBM

IBM, one of the world’s leading technology companies, has launched a free Python programming course that includes the opportunity to obtain a certification at no cost.

The course is offered through IBM’s “Cognitive Class” initiative (formerly Big Data University) and aims to promote literacy in big data and provide free access to practical programming skills.


Furthermore, this course provides a certificate of completion, through which participants also have the opportunity to earn IBM Open Digital Badges, recognized by IBM at different levels, thus demonstrating the extent of their skills.

The Python course is structured into several modules covering the following topics:

  1. Python Basics.
  2. Python Data Structures.
  3. Fundamentals of Python Programming.
  4. Working with Data in Python.
  5. Working with Numpy Arrays and Simple APIs.

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It is essential to note that this course is self-paced, allowing participants to take it at any time, audit it as many times as they wish, and progress at their own pace.

How to Access the Course

To enroll in the course, simply visit the IBM platform. There, you can create an account or log in.

This is an opportunity to learn Python from one of the world’s largest technology companies.


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