How to access MIT courses: There are over 100 and they’re FREE


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world and has established itself as a leader in science and technology education.

Founded in 1861, MIT has been the alma mater of 78 Nobel laureates and ranks as the third-best university globally, surpassed only by Harvard University and Stanford, according to the Webometrics ranking.

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This renowned institute, with five schools and a diverse range of academic offerings, not only focuses on educating students on its campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but also provides access to over 100 free online courses, making it an unparalleled option for professional development.

MIT offers a wide variety of cost-free online courses, with the option to obtain a certificate upon payment of a minimal fee.

These courses, which last from 6 to 15 weeks, require a study commitment ranging from 1 to 14 hours per week.


Notable areas and courses available include:

  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Sciences
  • Computing, Systems, and Technology
  • Engineering

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How to access these courses

If you are interested in this educational offering, you can access it through EdX, a digital course platform created in collaboration by Harvard University and MIT.

Once on the platform, you simply need to select the course of your interest. It’s important to note that to enroll in these courses, registration on the platform is required.

This is a unique opportunity for professional development and the acquisition of skills in various fields, backed by one of the world’s most prominent institutions.


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