Learn the secrets of computer forensics with this free course


Computer forensics is becoming increasingly relevant in the fight against cybercrime. That’s why cybersecurity expert Álvaro Chirou has created a free course on this discipline that promises to be of great utility.

This course aims to introduce the basic concepts of computer forensics to anyone interested in learning about this area.

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Through 17 classes spread over just under two hours, students will be able to familiarize themselves with the definitions, uses, and tools specific to this field.

As its creator explains, computer forensics involves a combination of knowledge from different branches, ranging from criminology to more technical areas of computing.


Thanks to it, law enforcement and companies have a powerful tool to investigate computer crimes such as fraud, identity theft, or cases of child pornography.

The course is hosted on the well-known online education platform Udemy.

Although no previous knowledge in the subject is required, the course is primarily oriented towards students in fields related to criminology, computing, or technology who are looking to enter this field.

Nevertheless, it is open to anyone interested, only requiring access to a computer and the internet.


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