This Free course promises to teach you English from the most basic level


Learning English is a highly valuable skill in today’s world as it opens up many doors in various fields.

For instance, mastering English can provide access to better job opportunities as many companies seek candidates who can communicate in this language. It can also enhance your education, allowing you to study at foreign universities or access online courses and resources that are in English.

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Moreover, learning English enables you to explore other cultures, travel more easily, and enjoy various forms of entertainment such as movies, books, or music.

Today is your lucky day as we have excellent news for you: a completely free online basic English course!

This basic English course will teach you everything you need to know to start speaking the language.


The topics covered include the alphabet, spelling, colors, numbers from 1 to 100, greetings, vocabulary for the months of the year, days of the week, introductions, fruits and vegetables, parts of the body, parts of the house, telling time, and transportation.

The main objective of this course is for you to acquire a solid basic knowledge of the mentioned topics while mastering the fundamental skills required to learn the language, such as writing, reading, conversation, and listening.

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It is important to note that this course is designed for individuals with no previous knowledge of the language, so it doesn’t matter if you have never studied English before.

By completing this course, you will have mastered the learning process used in our courses, enabling you to advance in your English language learning journey without difficulties.

Sign up now and start your path to success in mastering the English language!


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