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The agile software development has revolutionized the way technological products are built nowadays.

One of the most efficient and popular frameworks in this field is Scrum, which is based on principles of collaboration, self-organization, and continuous delivery of value.

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Scrum stands out for its focus on collective intelligence and the simplicity of its structure. Instead of providing detailed instructions, Scrum guides the interactions and relationships among team members, fostering collaboration and creativity.

Through iterative and incremental cycles called sprints, lasting between one and four weeks, Scrum ensures that at the end of each period, a functional and potentially shippable product is delivered.

The course “Scrum Fundamentals” offers a comprehensive and accessible learning experience for all those interested in Scrum. Its total duration is 36 minutes, divided into 10 sections and 13 classes. Participants will gain the following skills:


  1. Understanding the origins of the Agile Scrum framework.
  2. Identifying the core values and principles of the Agile Scrum framework.
  3. Distinguishing between defined processes and empirical processes used in Agile Scrum.
  4. Comparing traditional/waterfall approaches with Scrum.
  5. Validating the implications of agile practices on individuals, teams, and companies.
  6. Understanding the Scrum Theory and its application in agile development.

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Who is it for?

The course is relevant for anyone who requires an understanding of Scrum, as well as leaders and managers of organizations who wish to grasp the value of agile practices.

It is also suitable for those working in an Agile environment, including testing profiles, developers, product owners, and business analysts.

Take advantage of this compact yet powerful program to enhance your professional profile and open doors to a future full of job opportunities. Enroll now and become part of the exciting world of Scrum and Agile!


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