UNAM offers a free PDF on Advanced Mathematics


Advanced mathematics comprises a set of high-level mathematical tools and concepts.

These instruments not only solve complex problems but also model phenomena in crucial areas such as physics, engineering, economics, and computer science.

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Within this domain, topics such as linear algebra, differential and integral calculus, differential geometry, number theory, group theory, topology, complex analysis, and probability theory are covered.

All of these mathematical requirements demand an exceptional level of abstraction and rigor, relying on theorems and formal proofs.


UNAM Advanced Mathematics PDF

UNAM offers an exceptional educational resource. It is a PDF in Spanish that delves into the theory of functions of complex variables.

This material is intended for those who wish to deepen their understanding in the field of advanced mathematics.

The book, edited by the National Autonomous University of Mexico, is available in Spanish and covers a wide range of topics, including complex variable functions and mappings, analytic functions, line integrals, Cauchy-Goursat integral theorem, Cauchy integral formulas, Laurent series and residue theorem, applications of complex analysis, Fourier series, complex Fourier series, and frequency spectrum, as well as exercises and Fourier transforms.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to access this resource. To download the free PDF of Advanced Mathematics from UNAM, click the button below:


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