United States Government offers a Free English Course


Learning English is one of the most prudent decisions one can make to enrich their life, both personally and professionally.

Mastery of this language expands the boundaries of communication, unlocks job and educational opportunities, and allows one to immerse themselves in global culture in its original form.

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Furthermore, learning English has a significant impact on the development of cognitive skills, fosters self-esteem, and, importantly, enables the transmission of this knowledge to future generations.

Free English Course

If you’re interested in learning English, you should know that the United States government offers an opportunity through USA Learns, an online portal that has benefited over 7 million people worldwide.

Available Courses

The 1st English Course

This course, designed for beginners, is based on videos and consists of 20 units. It explores fundamental topics such as time, clothing, weather, and neighborhood places, using a wide variety of multimedia resources like videos, photos, sound, graphics, and text.

The 2nd English Course


For those with intermediate knowledge, this video-based course provides an opportunity to perfect your English. It comprises 20 units that cover English vocabulary, reading, writing, grammar, listening comprehension, and life skills through stories that present challenges in family, work, and community life in the United States.

The Practice English and Reading

This course focuses on improving your English listening comprehension, vocabulary, and reading skills. It includes intermediate-level readings on a variety of topics, originally extracted from news reports.

In addition to reading the stories on your own, you’ll have the opportunity to hear native speakers reading the stories.

How to Register for the English Course

The registration process is quick and simple. Just click on this link, complete the required fields, and confirm your enrollment through your email.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be ready to start learning English. Register today and watch as your world transforms for the better!


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