Universidad Javeriana offers a free programming and electronics course


The Universidad Javeriana is offering a free programming course for children and young people, providing an opportunity to delve into the world of electronics and coding through the Arduino platform.

Arduino is an open-source electronics platform that allows users to design and build single-board electronic boards, functioning as microcomputers that can be connected to various electronic components.

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With a programming language based on C++ and the Arduino IDE programming environment, this platform offers the possibility to bring ideas and projects to life by allowing students to write, compile, and upload code to Arduino boards in a simple and effective manner.

This course serves as an ideal introduction to programming, as it enables participants to see the results of their code in real-world applications, encouraging the development of logical and mathematical skills, as well as creativity.

The course has been created by students and teachers from Universidad Javeriana with the aim of fostering interest in technology and programming among girls, boys, and young people.


Participants will need to complete various missions related to a spaceship that must safely reach Earth. Each module includes videos, training activities, and formative assessments, culminating in the completion of a project in each chapter.

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The academic team, composed of professors and monitors from the Department of Electronics, will be available to provide guidance and answer questions throughout the course.

It is entirely virtual and seeks to promote the development of technological and programming skills in children and young people.

For more information and to embark on this educational adventure, you can visit the Universidad Javeriana’s website:


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